365: A Year of Defying Fate episodes 13-16 recap; episodes 17-20 spoilers, live stream details

Episode 17 of 365: A Year of Defying Fate will feature Ji Hyung Joo's struggles to prove his innocence as Lee Shin comes up with her next evil plan for resettlers.

After watching the shocking cliffhanger of episode 16, Korean drama lovers are desperately waiting for episodes 17, 18, 19 and 20 to find out what lies ahead for detective Ji Hyung Joo. The fantasy crime thriller will be back with four new episodes next week – while episodes 17 and 18 are scheduled to air on MBC Monday, episodes 19 and 20 are expected to air on Tuesday.

When the mini-series concluded its 16th episode, detective Ji Hyung Joo was checking out the desktop of ex-convict Bae Jung Tae after he was stabbed to death. In the meantime, webtoon artist Shin Ga Hyun was trying to find out why all the crimes were taking place near the Seoul Makang Police Station. Though she calls the detective to discuss about it, he ignores her call.

Meanwhile, detective Park Sun Ho finds something suspicious in Ji Hyung Joo's personal diary and he takes photo copies of the pages. The episode ended by teasing troubled moments for detective Ji Hyung Joo.

Ji Hyung Joo becomes the prime suspect

The promo for episode 9 also hinted at troubled moments for Ji Hyung Joo as it shows him struggling to prove his innocence to the people whom he loved the most, including his teammates. In the short clip, Ji Hyung Joo can be seen telling Park Sun Ho that he was always under the impression that his senior trusted him. But Park Sun Ho is desperate to know what is going around.

The promo video also shows Ji Hyung Joo confronting Lee Shin and asking her to share the details about the culprit. But she tells him to find it himself. The clip then shows Shin Ga Hyun suspecting the detective and Go Jae Young blaming the detective for killing Bae Jung Tae. Though the pro-gamer claims to have seen everything, the culprit seems to be someone from Lee Shin's circle. It remains to be seen how Ji Hyung Joo manages to prove his innocence.

365: A Year of Defying Fate
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How to watch 365: A Year of Defying Fate episodes 17-20 live online

The fantasy thriller is scheduled to be back on MBC with four new episodes next week. Episodes 17 and 18 are expected to air on Monday, April 20, at 9pm KST and episodes 19 and 20 are scheduled to be telecast on Tuesday, April 21, at 9pm KST. People with a television at home can watch the show by tuning in to MBC and those who do not have a TV can stream the show on the official website of MBC. Korean drama lovers who want to watch the mini-series with subtitles can try out various streaming sites.

Watch the promo for episode 17 below: