3-year-old prankster turns nightmare for passengers mid-air from Germany to New Jersey [VIDEO]

Demonic child inside plane
Angry or 'Demonic' child inside plane? YouTube

You might have come across a cute and friendly toddler while traveling but don't assume that every passenger will be lucky enough. For once, passengers traveling from Germany to New Jersey had to go through the most horrible experience ever because of a toddler.

Shane Townley, traveling from New York City, filmed the eight-hour-long tantrum of the toddler. His ear-shattering screams and highly disruptive behavior left the passengers speechless, some of them describing it 'demonic'.

The five minutes long video clip was taken from behind the seats and uploaded on YouTube. It showed how the 3-year-old was climbing seats and jabbering, running through aisles and making weird sounds. In fact, his tantrums started much before the flight took off.

Even though the mother of the annoying child was trying to calm him down, the reckless kid continued his depredation. Later, the mother asked the air hostess to get the Wi-Fi so they can give their son the iPad. But due to the take-off procedure, the flight attendant could not provide it.

The situation became unbearable when the boy continued screaming and his mother set him free to run throughout the plane. After some time, other passengers cover their ears to get some relief from the horrible screams. Even after coming back to his own seat, that annoying boy did not shut his mouth.

Townley, who captured the entire episode of the incident, termed it as "demonic." When the plane finally landed at the Newark Airport, one of the devastated passengers showed his relief and said, "What a nightmare, oh my God – eight hours of screaming."

According to Daily Mail, the boy is suffering from a disability, that triggers such behavior. Townley later mentioned that he did not file any complaints with the airline authority but someone else might have lodged a complaint as the entire plane had suffered the condition for eight-hours.

He also said that the airline staffs tried to intervene but the child's mother said he just needs his internet.

An associate of Lufthansa said that they tried to control the situation and provide required help to the mother. He refused to reveal the name of the boy and the family, on the grounds of medical privacy.

After uploading the video to social media, people started giving their comments. However, it is not known whether the mother of the child could use the ground of medical privacy to sue the man who made the video and uploaded it on Youtube.

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