Singapore: 48-year-old man jailed for threatening child to beat his wife

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Representational picture of man sent to prison for criminal intimidation Reuters

A 48-year-old man called Ramachandran Maniam was found guilty of threatening his son that he would beat up the mother of his son. He will now serve more than one year and two months imprisonment term after admitting to criminal intimidation by threatening to harm his estranged wife.

The accused was sentenced to 372 days in jail and another two months behind the bars for criminal intimidation, as he committed the offence in breach of his stay order for an earlier conviction.

On October 19, 2017, during the court hearing judge heard that the Maniam went to look for his wife at around 1 am.

Meanwhile, he met his son who is 21-year-old in a garden near an HDB block in Jalan Kayu. Maniam said to his son that he wanted to speak to his wife. His son then told him that his mother has gone for work.

But later when he was insisting to talk to her, Maniam said that he is going to beat his son's mother one good one and if it ends up in prison, he would not be afraid.

However, earlier on October 28, 2017 Maniam was given time-off to go out from the halfway house but had to return by 10 pm. But he did not follow the orders he was asked to and returned home only at 1.25 am on Oct 30.

Selene Yap, the Deputy Public Prosecutor said that even though the accused was supposed to remain indoors as required for an accumulative period of more than 24 hours, he failed to maintain that time and he committed a serious a serious violation of his mandatory aftercare conditions.

Community Court Judge Eddy Tham mentioned Maniam as a totally incorrigible person and said that it horrible to know that the moment he came out of the prison the accused started to threaten his own family.

Maniam was advised to stop drinking and make sure that he takes required steps to lead his life responsibly, including a search for a job his prison term.

On November 1 court will announce its verdict. The accused had early convictions for criminal intimidation and mischief. In 2016, he was also sent to jail for three years and a month for causing a dangerous attack by using a weapon.

During sentencing, he said that his divorce case is going on and he also wanted to spend some time with his old father.

However, according to Singapore law, the convict of only criminal intimidation, which is criminalised under Section 503 of the Penal Code, is found guilty then he or she has to face term up to 3 months or a fine of up to S$1,500, or with both.

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