11 Lingerie-Clad Models Kicked Out of Luxury Mansion After Owner Finds Out They Were Shooting For OnlyFans

Content creator and photographer Mike Sanchez runs an OnlyFans page that features pictures and videos of sultry lingerie-clad models with a stellar backdrop of the beaches, hills, sunsets, empty stretches, highways and other mesmerizing locations that leave subscribers spellbound and asking for more.

It was just another day in the office for Mike as he booked the luxury beachside Moana Mansion for two nights paying close to $12,000 and called over 11 models to strip down to their sultry lingerie and pose for pictures by the beachside and other locations inside the mansion with a good picturesque view including playing a piano.

11 Lingerie models kicked out of mansion
Instagram / Mike Sanchez

As the models began posing for pictures in their lingerie, the owner was tipped off by a worker saying the group was shooting x-rated pictures inside the mansion and that didn't go down well with the landlord who furiously stormed the luxury home asking everyone to leave immediately.

While Mike asked for a refund, the owner highlighted that his piano had been scratched and declined any refund asking the photographer to pay up for the damage done to his piano and threatened to file a lawsuit against him for using his property to produce x-rated content.

Mike Sanchez with Lingerie clad models
OnlyFans / Mike Sanchez

All 11 models and Mike were booted out of the mansion halfway during their photoshoot and Mike will now file a lawsuit against the owner as he faced ''discrimination against for working within the sex industry.''

Mike revealed that the photoshoot was not adult in nature but a group of models posing in their lingerie. He says he suffered "blatant discrimination" and the owner was crude towards the models. He said the location was perfect for a shoot with stunning views of the ocean and will file a law suit against the owner for discrimination and seek a refund.

Mike Sanchez with Lingerie clad models
OnlyFans / Mike Sanchez

''There was some suggestive stuff but it was all clothed in lingerie - there was no nudity,'' he told 7News.com.au. ''I would describe it as blatant discrimination against the sex industry and sex workers. We did ask for a full refund to which he responded, 'I'll see you in court', so we will be taking matters further," he continued.