Nikole Mitchell, US Pastor-Turned Stripper, Reveals Her Get-Rich Secrets

Nikole Mitchell, a skinny mother of three who pursued a path of spiritual life after being ordained as a pastor in the US, made news when she left her pastoral duties to become a stripper and join the adult website OnlyFans. Now she earns millions per month, has a lavish lifestyle, expensive cars, new home, designer clothing, jewelry and a cupboard full of expensive yet luxurious lingerie in which she poses and struts to entertain her paid followers.

The former pastor revealed on Instagram that she receives a barrage of messages from fans on how to get rich quick and the stripper didn't disappoint and laid out step-by-step details on what one needs to do to attain vast sums of fortunes in a short span of time.

In her latest Instagram post, Nikole says: ''I share my success stories because I want you to see what's possible for YOU,'' and continued, ''If I can go from broke to $100k months in 2 and 1/2 years, SO CAN YOU.''

US Pastor turned stripper Nikole Mitchell
Instagram grab/ Mitchell Nikole

The Key To Accumulating Massive Wealth is to Stop Thinking What People Might Think About Me!

Nikole revealed a lot of people don't live up to their full potential and end up being either poor or stuck in the same maze of the rat race for years as they fall into the trap of 'what people might think about me'. That thought has locked millions from chasing their dreams in the fear of losing out and being shunned by people in their societies.

She said people need to come out of their cocoons, sail the winds of life, take the risk in chasing their dreams and must commit to the lifestyle they want to achieve and eventually, their previous life would be behind them and their new lifestyle would welcome them with both arms open.

''If I can go from being obsessed to what people think about me to being so in love with who I am that I DON'T care what people think about me, SO CAN YOU. But the reason I can make this kind of money and live this kind of life ISN'T because of one simple thing I did. It's because of a lifestyle I chose to commit to. I actively address my fears and hesitations and work my way through them (I don't bypass anything),'' she said.