Big Bust TikTok Model Shows People 'How To Jump'; Rakes in $25,000 As Flock to Her OnlyFans Page

Katiana Kay was just another model on TikTok and Instagram with a sizable amount of followers and her OnlyFans account hadn't created that much of a buzz either and was buried in the competition along with other models around the world.

Fate had different plans for the model as she gained an impressive number of followers overnight on her social media handles and also on OnlyFans after she posted a 14-second clip on TikTok showing people 'how to jump'. A user asked her ''can you teach me how to jump'' during a live interaction and she released the video quickly.

Katiana Kay How to jump video
TikTok / Katiana Kay

The model sported a plunging brown body hugging top flaunting ample cleavage and showed off her dark blue bra during the 'how to jump' video that made her assets jiggle. The video went viral on TikTok in no time and got more than 600,000 views in the span of just a day.

Right after the video was splattered all over the video sharing app, users began knocking on her OnlyFans account, leading her to get 1000+ subscribers the same day and rake in $25,000 in revenue.

Katiana Kay
Instagram / Katiana Kay

During the video Katiana is heard teaching the basics of jumping by saying, 'First, you squat, load the glutes then you power through and that is how you jump," and she jumps up and down giving an eyeful to the viewers.

Katiana revealed not much went behind making the video and she never imagined it would go this big. "The video was super candid, not much thought was put into it. People always comment and ask me to jump, obviously to see my t**s jiggle. So I figured it would be comical to make a TikTok about it – and I was smiling and happy the whole time," she said to The Sun.

Katiana Kay
Instagram / Katiana Kay

The model stated that she was bullied most of her life for having a big assets and revealed that she now feels happy that people are excited to see them. ''I was bullied my whole life for having big b*obs, so I guess I feel happy now that people like them. I just remember being on my TikTok Live and within seconds I went from 100-ish viewers to over 2,000 – and it kept going! I obviously made this as a thirst trap. But I had no clue how big it would get," she said.