Zhuang Lingyun Cause of Death: Did Taiwanese Singer Die by Suicide?

Taiwanese singer Zhuang Lingyun reportedly had a fight with her family before falling to death from a school building.

Taiwanese singer Zhuang Lingyun died after reportedly falling from a school building on Friday, March 5. Lingyun was rushed to a hospital, but doctors couldn't save her. She died two hours after reaching the hospital. According to the police, the Taiwanese singer's death is not normal but have ruled out foul play. The singer, who was discovered at a talent show, was mentored by Jam Hsiao and Yoga Lin. The young and talented singer Zhuang Lingyun was 21.

Taiwanese media reported that the young artiste was involved in a fight with her family just before the fatal incident. According to a media website, the 21-year-old fledgling artiste went to her alma mater at 3:00 PM looking for her former teacher. The singer, with so much going through in her life, wanted to have a conversation. Later she was also spotted going to the school library, which is situated on the 10th floor all by herself before falling to death.

Various speculations revolving around her death are rife in the media. It is said that Zhuang's strained relationship with her family and father may be the reason leading to her demise. Reports have it that the singer fought with her family last month.

During the family feud, Zhuang Lingyun's father slapped her twice. After the incident, the singer was forced to lodge a police complaint against domestic violence. She also went to the hospital for treatment due to the heated conversation and fight with her father. It has also been reported that Zhuang didn't return to her home and spent the night at her close friend's place.

Zhuang Lingyun Death: Did the Taiwanese Singer's Father Force Her To Commit Suicide?
Zhuang Lingyun dies at 21 Instagram

Before falling from the school building, the young singer even made a phone call to her boyfriend to narrate her ordeal with her father. Zhuang's Instagram posts reveal nothing suspicious as everything seem to have gone smooth days before the singer's suspicious suicide. Zhuang has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Meanwhile, another teenage singer, Beatrix Hart, popular as Trixie, hanged herself to death after being bullied and groomed by an older man. She is known to have auditioned for Britain's Got Talent twice. She was a talented musician and an actress destined for stardom. Furthermore, she had also claimed to have been raped by a boy from college before her demise. Her family claims she was the victim of 'vicious' online abuse.