ZE:A's Siwan says Girls' Generation's YoonA will be first to visit him in military

Siwan will be undergoing four weeks of basic military training.

Siwan will be enlisting in the army on July 11 CJ Entertainment

Girls' Generation's YoonA has promised Korean boy band member and actor Im Siwan that she will visit him once he joins the army. Plum Entertainment had announced that he will be entering the training camp in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea at 2 pm on July 11.

The 28-year-old actor will be undergoing four weeks of basic military training, before he is dispatched as an active duty soldier. He will be serving for 21 months.

During a press conference for their new MBC drama The King Loves, Siwan talked about his impending military enlistment. He said: "I'm not afraid of the army. YoonA is going to come visit me. She'll be the first to visit."

YoonA replied: "I'll definitely visit."

Siwan also dished about his journey in the entertainment industry. He said: "I got into acting when I was starting to wonder if I was needed in the entertainment industry. But I gained confidence after hearing compliments. I worked hard following the footsteps of (other idol actor) sunbaes and one of them is YoonA."

YoonA replied: "It's been 10 years since I debuted but I haven't done that many productions. Siwan is a top idol actor."