Yulia Navalnaya, Widow of Slain Russian Activist Alexei Navalny Shares Touching Instagram Tribute: 'I Love You'

Navalnaya also denounced the Russian regime's actions, says, "Putin will be punished".

Yulia Navalnaya, widow of the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, broke her silence on social media with an Instagram post expressing love for her late husband.

The image she shared featured herself and her husband, Navalny, known as the most outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, captured in a tender moment seemingly watching a musical performance, their heads touching. Accompanying the image was a heartfelt declaration: "I love you."

Navalnya's post

Navalny, an economist by profession, had been serving a 19-year sentence in one of Russia's most secure penal colonies located in the Arctic Circle on charges of extremism and fraud since January 2021. His imprisonment was widely seen as retribution by Putin and the Kremlin, sparking international condemnation.

Shortly after Russian authorities confirmed Navalny's death, Yulia Navalnaya placed blame squarely on Putin during a security conference in Germany's Munich. She held Putin personally responsible, declaring, "I'd like Putin and all his staff to know that they will be punished for what has been done with our country, with my family and with my husband."

Yulia Navalnaya denounced the Russian regime's actions, emphasizing that accountability for the injustices inflicted upon her family and country would come swiftly. She accused Putin and his government of deceit, vowing that they would bear responsibility for their actions.

She added, "Putin and his government always lie. I want him, his entourage, friends, and the government to know that they will bear responsibility for what was done to our country, to my family, and to my husband. And this day will come very soon."

The emotional Instagram post by Yulia Navalnaya serves as a poignant reminder of the deep personal toll exacted by political persecution in Russia. As the world mourns Navalny's passing, his widow's words echo a call for justice and accountability in the face of oppression.