YouTuber Under Fire For Using Play-Doh to Show Son How C-Section Surgery Works in Viral Video [VIDEO]

Dr. Jessico So runs a YouTube channel where she posts videos of Play-Dough surgery tutorials.

A doctor has drawn criticism on social media after celebrating her son's birthday by showing him how to deliver a baby using Play-Doh.

Dr. Jessica So, who goes by the handle @thebreakfasteur, often creates Play-Doh based YouTube surgery tutorials, ranging from kidney transplants to cleft-palate repair.

She posted the video of the C-Section surgery for her son's fourth birthday. The viral video, which shows her guiding her son's hands as she teaches him how to perform a Cesarean section, now has more than 3.9 million views on Twitter.

Play-Doh C-Section
A still from the video posted by Dr. Jessica So on YouTube. YouTube

So's C-section simulation starts off with her supervising her son as he uses a plastic knife to make an incision for the C-section knife to cut through a Play-Doh belly. "It's going to be wet," he says before sucking out the "amniotic fluid" of the faux pregnant abdomen.

Once he is done with that, he begins pulling out the "baby," which in this case is a Spiderman soft toy, followed by the "umbilical cord" – a purple balloon that is clamped and cut as an applause effect plays in the background. Watch the full video below:

'Traumatizing' and 'Disturbing'

In the description of the YouTube video, So noted that the video was a tribute to the medical staff that helped deliver her son. However, many Twitter users thought the idea was ill-conceived.

"As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I strongly recommend you to not play a such game with your kids aged 2 to 12," wrote one user. "It might traumatize your kid and may also lead children to do the same to their peers."

"WTAF? I consider myself a very progressive parent & embrace age appropriate learning for all topics, but this is just plain unnecessary & quite frankly a little disturbing," commented another.

"Wait but what if the kid tries to cut their own tummy or a friend's," opined yet another. While a majority of the users criticized the video, there were some who lauded So for her effort.

"That is absolutely brilliant and so much better than the old Operation game we grew up with," tweeted one user. "That must have taken so long to prepare. Not only educational but also fun for all. I'm sure your little one will grow up to be a great surgeon himself."