iPhone 7
iPhone 7 users reportedly drill holes in their devices to unmask hidden headphone jack

The recent viral video created by YouTuber, Taras Maksimuk, has been fooling unsuspecting iPhone 7 users into drilling holes and damaging their phones in order to unmask the elusive headphone jack, which is no longer a part of Apple's latest flagship phone. Several iPhone 7 users seem to be accustomed to using the headphone jack instead of the adapter shipped with the handset.

Consequently, it is anybody's guess that the anxious users resorted to emulate the YouTuber's trick of magically finding a hidden headphone port somewhere behind the handset's body-casing. Only the sceptics would have gone the extra mile of reading the sarcastic comments on the YouTube channel about the entire idea of drilling iPhones to reverse the change introduced by Apple.

Nevertheless, those who are yet to embark on this adventure have been advised to hold off their temptation to drill holes on the iPhone 7 as it is confirmed to be a bad joke by a gritty prankster.

We just hope this report serves the purpose of alerting unsuspecting users against attempting anything extravagant to restore their favourite headphone-port feature on the iPhone 7.

Check out a few of those hilarious yet sarcastic comments in the screenshots below:

iPhone 7
YouTuber fools users into destroying iPhone 7 to unmask hidden headphone jack YouTube
iPhone 7