YouTuber Apollo Legend Found Dead: Blames DarkviperAU and EZscape, Suicide Video Goes Viral on Internet

YouTuber Benjamin Smith, popularly known as Apollo Legend, was found dead at his home by the police on December 30, as per the viral claims being made on social media. Even though there has been no update from Smith's family, his friend Daniel "Keemstar" Keem confirmed the death by suicide through a tweet.

Smith, who has named fellow YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him over the edge, also recorded a video prior to ending his life. Even though the video was removed by YouTube as it violated its terms of service, it has been leaked on several other platforms.

Apollo Legend
YouTuber Benjamin Smith aka Apollo Legend Twitter

Apollo Legend Spoke About Deteriorating Mental Health in His last video

In the seven-minute-long video which is still available on the Kiwifarms as a Mediafire attachment, Apollo Legend spoke about his deteriorating mental and physical condition which led him to take the extreme step. "It's crazy man. So, I really don't want to record this video but I know I have to. This is my final video, and this is the end of my life," Apollo Legend says at the beginning of his video.

Confirming the news of his death, The Spectre Report tweeted: "And the final update on @Apollo_Legend_ Police made entry into his house. It is now confirmed he is deceased. No cause of death or anything more than that was provided as they need to inform do everything right by his family, but I can confirm this much."

YouTuber, Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, tweeted: "I'm still waiting for official sources. But some outlets claim they got confirmation that Apollo Legend was found deceased in his home. This was the suicide vid/letter he put out. Any type of suicide video is against YouTube TOS so it was removed. Apollo was a YT friend. RIP!"

Videomaker Rwhitegoose, who claims to be a friend of Apollo Legend, tweeted, "Rest in peace. You were a good friend to many, Apollo. We won't forget you."

Apollo Legend Names DarkviperAU and EzScape

In a suicide note left behind, the YouTuber blamed DarkviperAU and EzScape for the final push towards taking the extreme step.

"The speedrun community are such hypocrites. They pretend to care so much about everyone's feelings and then in the same video they call you retarded scum. I know I exposed people for cheating, but I ever said anything like that. They tell me they agree with me privately and then publicly betray me," he said in the note.

After a public backlash, DarkViper AU posted a video titled "Why I Was Mentioned By Apollo Legend Before He Passed" where he explained his side.

Ezscape also tweeted: "Apollo Legend has put out a suicide letter. If anyone has contact to him or can reach out to him in any way please do. I do not want any harm to come Apollo's way... please help."

This article was first published on December 31, 2020