YouTube Experimenting With AI-Chatbot For Videos, Ask Feature Added for Premium Subscribers

YouTube has also revealed an additional AI tool intended to streamline the organization of video comments

YouTube, the go-to hub for all things video, has recently introduced innovative AI-powered features designed to revolutionize the way users interact with video content on the platform. One of the prominent features is a conversational chatbot tailored to provide viewers with in-depth information regarding the videos they are watching.

This AI chatbot is programmed to respond to user queries about a video and offer recommendations for related content. Notably, it also has the capability to quiz viewers when engaging with educational content.


Simultaneously, YouTube has revealed an additional AI tool intended to streamline the organization of video comments. This feature aims to categorize comments into distinct topics, enhancing accessibility and comprehension for users navigating through extensive comment sections.

These AI developments align with Google's broader strategy to integrate artificial intelligence across its suite of services, spanning from Search and Gmail to its office productivity applications. YouTube, in particular, has been a pioneer in implementing various AI features catering to video creators.

These include AI-generated backgrounds for Shorts, a feature for AI-based dubbing to facilitate video translation, and AI-generated suggestions for video topics and audio elements. Furthermore, ongoing reports suggest the platform is diligently working on an AI tool that empowers users to create music in the style of renowned musicians.

It is crucial to note that these new AI tools are presently available only through limited experiments. The conversational AI tool is accessible exclusively in English on selected videos, limited to Android users and reserved for Premium subscribers over the age of 18 in the United States. Access to this feature is granted via a designated "Ask" button located beneath the video, enabling users to interact with the AI chatbot. This particular feature expands the previous AI experiment's scope, not only generating video summaries but also responding to specific queries and providing comprehensive information beyond the video's immediate content.

The second AI-powered feature, focusing on comment categorization, will be displayed on a select number of videos featuring large English comment sections. Users can access this functionality through a dedicated "Topics" button, accompanying the existing sorting options for comments based on "Top" or "Newest."

YouTube underscores the benefits these features will bring to content creators, allowing them to promptly engage with their audience based on the AI-generated comment summaries. However, YouTube acknowledges the potential for imperfections in these experimental AI tools, particularly in handling comments, understanding the challenges in preventing the amplification of negative discourse.

For Premium subscribers keen on exploring these cutting-edge features, YouTube offers access through While the comment categorization feature is already available for testing, access to the chatbot feature is slated to arrive in the coming weeks.