YouTube Channel SBS Story Slammed For Using Dog With Disability to Garner Views (VIDEO)

Hodol is a Jindo dog that is well known for its energy, hunting skills as well as house manners.

Popular YouTube Channel SBS Story, which has nearly one million subscribers, is being slammed online for using Hodol, a dog with disability, to appeal to the emotional quotient of viewers to garner views. Netizens warned that if Hodol was a human being such program would have landed the channel in legal trouble. Is the show really offensive, here are the details.

The trailer of the video was also shared on the longest-running TV shows Animal Farm giving an impression to the people that the dog named Hodol was acting up to get the attention of its owners, stated Koreaboo. But in reality, the dog really suffered from disability. This fact made the netizens furious. They are slamming the show for using the dog with disability to increase the curiosity of its viewers.

Hodol, a Jindo dog from South Korea is suffering from neurological nerve disorder. YouTube videograb

Truth VS Misconception

Hodol is a Jindo dog that is well known for its energy, hunting skills as well as house manners. The show on YouTube channel SBS Story starts with a doctor diagnosing the actual cause for Hodol's condition, who at times is seen dragging his hind legs.

According to the video, the owner is heard saying that Holdol was fine and all of a sudden one day, he started dragging his legs while trying to walk. Sometimes he was seen walking properly and sometimes he was seen dragging his legs. The family initially thought that Hodol was trying to gain attention but when taken to the doctor they found out the real reason behind Hodol's health condition.

According to the doctor, Hodol suffers from neurological disorder that prevents him from using his hind legs. The doctors have started the treatment and have given him a pair of casts. The family members are trying hard to make Hodol walk again.

Rehabilitation And The Magic

The ending of the video on SBS Story shows Hodol with his casts in a park with his owner. He drags his legs initially but suddenly he gains balance and not only walks but tries to run, bringing a broad smile on the face of his owner, who can't keep away from cuddling Hodol.

It looks like the show in itself is not problematic as it shows the treatment and recovery process of the dog facing neurological nerve disorder. This might help treat other dogs who are suffering from similar conditions. However, the trailer giving the impression that the dog is acting to gain attention is absolutely not the right way to speak about a genuine problem.