Popular YouTuber charged with abusing animals behind camera, shocking details revealed [VIDEO]

Gabsu Park also known as Gabsupasture is a veterinary student and well-known YouTuber with the image of an ultimate pet lover

Gabsu Park, a popular YouTuber known for his pet-loving videos has been charged with starving pets, abusing them when not on camera. Gabsu Park who has a YouTube page Gabsupasture is a veterinary student and the stories of abusing pets were revealed to media by his college mates.

In a special program on Channel A News that aired on May 7 revealed that Gabsu Park was harassing animals that appeared on his YouTube show. A student revealed on the show that Park starved his cat before the show as it would act according to his instructions when it is hungry. He would usually starve the cat before filming. According to another detail, the dog that appears in his videos was also locked in a small cage-like fenced enclosure, when not filming.

The student also said that another reason for starving the cat was that it would act cute in front of the camera. The student whose identity has been kept anonymous told that when not filming, he would throw the cat far away if it tried to approach him.

Park mistreats his pets

Screengrab from Gabsupasture Youtube page Youtube

Another student said that Park had a Golden Retriever that is large in size but was locked inside an unhealthy, small enclosure. The student also said that even they were shocked by his behaviour towards animals, because till recently even they had the notion that being a veterinarian, Park was really an animal lover.

Revealing another detail, a student said that once he had brought a hamster and allowed it to be mauled by one of his cats. Park is said to have reacted to as saying that hamster was not even an animal. It can be brought in the market for just 4000 Won ($3.28). Students said that he had no respect for the pets he used in his shows. They also said that if starving was one issue, he would even overfeed some of the animals to make them look fluffy and cute on videos.

As soon as the news broke, he refuted these claims and uploaded a video showing the cuter side of the animals. Currently, he is being questioned by the police, based on the charges made by the fellow students of his class. Gabsupasture page has 381,000 subscribers and 247,326,701 views so far.