YouTube to block ads for channels with less than 10k views

The move is intended to stop the use of unethical means to avail a pay check from YouTube

Ten years ago, if someone said that they had made a career out of YouTube, many would find it difficult to digest. However, today YouTuber has indeed become a viable career option and this has led to the making of several YouTube channels. One of the easiest ways is by rehashing content or by uploading content which is not original, which is something primarily insists that their Youtubers follow. In order to tackle this problem, Youtube has now majorly rehashed its monetization policy under the Partner Program.

According to the new policy rolled out by the firm, from now on all applications in order to be considered for YouTube's monetization program will require a bare minimum of 10,000-lifetime views before it's going to be considered, which means before getting the ads on the platform a channel must reach the said number of views.

This gives Youtube a solid ground to consider if the particular YouTube channel is legitimate enough and whether the content that they have been uploading contains, in any phase of their journey to reach 10,000-lifetime views, materials that can be considered as plagiarism or devoid of any original content.

YouTube believes that the new bar has been set at just the right mark and will have "minimal impact on our aspiring creators." However, these regulations only apply to upcoming channels and channels, which are already monetized will not bear the impact of this policy change.