Youth with You 3 Makers Forming a 9-Member Group? Here's The Truth about Blackpink's Lisa Mentored Controversial Show

After Youth with You 3 was suspended just days before the finale, rumours have been doing rounds that all the finalists will come together to form a new group. Now, the makers have put an end to the speculations by stating that they are not choosing winners this season nor planning to form a nine-member group.

Youth WithYou 3
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The Finalists of Youth with You 3
Luo Yizhou, JOJO (Tang Jiuzhou), Lian Huaiwei, Neil (Liu Guanyou), Jerome.D (Deng Xiaoci), Kachine (Sun Yinghao), Jun Liu (who hails from Seremban, Malaysia), Duan Xingxing and Sun Yihang were the finalists. And Tony Yu Jingtian walked out of the show citing health issues after creating controversies over his nationality and his parents' alleged illegal business links.

"As of now, the production team has decided to stop filming the show and cancel the finale. Up until now, the production team never made any announcements. The information circulating around the internet regarding the formation of a group and the alleged 'official Weibo posts' are all untrue," Koreaboo quotes the production team as stating in a press release.

The Controversy
The show has been hitting headlines for negative reasons all through the season, but Tony Yu Jingtian's controversies became the final nail in the coffin. His parents were alleged of having links to prostitution and drugs. His mother LiQin gave a clarification denying links but the response was not satisfactory to the audience.

Further, Tony Yu Jingtian's dual nationality issue only made the matter worse for both him and the show. As netizens vent out their anger against the show for the twin controversies, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau intervened and suspended Youth With You Season 3 from airing for failing to comply with broadcasting regulations.

iQIYI Statement
Later, iQIYI, the video streaming site in which the show is being aired, has formally announced the news in a press release and apologized to fans for its "missteps". "We regret to confirm the cancellation of Youth with You 3 Finale live stream that was originally scheduled on May 8th. All fan voting channels will also be effectively closed henceforth as iQiyi continues to review and adjust the rules of the show.

"To the fans who have been supporting Youth With You 3 over the past two months, we sincerely apologize for our missteps and promise to continue to do better for our users," it said in the statement.

The show was also viewed by South Koreans fans as Blackpink's Lisa was the chief dance mentor of the Chinese entertainment survival show.