Young Woman Tries to Sell 7-Day-Old Baby on Online Market for $175, Gets Caught

A single mother had listed to sell the baby in an eBay like local Korean app Daangn Market on October 19

A young woman put up an advertisement to sell her seven-day-old child in an online selling platform Daangn Market [Carrot Market] listing it for $175.10 [200,000 KRW]. The listing was made on October 19 and as soon as the platform got the news it informed the mother and asked her to remove the advertisement immediately. The platform has changed the settings under the category "Baby Listings" after the incident.

The woman had listed her child for adoption and fixed a price as she was a single mother and wanted to make some money while giving the child away. The platform does not allow trading of children but is an e-commerce website similar to eBay where people of one area can sell used products to those living in the same area for a lower price.

Representational Picture Wikimedia Commons

Listing Under Baby Products Made Private

Following the incident, the company has made the listing option under baby products private and said that strict measures will be taken to ensure blocking of controversial postings and such posts will be filtered out before they get published. Looks like this woman took note of a similar advertisement posted in the app some days ago.

A similar incident was reported on October 16, when a woman tried to sell a 36-week-old baby in the Daangn Market app in the Seogwi-po area. The posting was made around 6.36 a.m. on October 16 and the Daangn Market noticed it at 6.40 a.m. and sent a message to the mother to delete the posting immediately.

Case Filed With Cops

The matter was informed to the police and it was found that the woman who had posted it was a single mother and had a baby after an unwanted pregnancy. She was young and had no one to support her. During questioning, she had revealed that after giving birth to the child she was in stress. This made her list her child for adoption on the re-selling platform.

Later arrangements were made to take the woman to counseling for single mothers. But reports claim that the woman was angered and started yelling that the baby does not have a father and she did not want to be counseled about how to be a good single mother. "I became angered when I was getting counseling from the single mothers' center while trying to send the baby off for adoption," the woman told cops, reported AllKpop.

It was also revealed that the woman had lied about the child's birth date. In fact, the child was not 36 weeks old but the woman had given birth on October 13. After considering the situation of the woman, cops are trying to contact NGOs and agencies to find support for the mother and the child. Meanwhile, cops will continue to investigate to determine if the mother had violated the Child Welfare Act.