Heroic Mom Miraculously Saves Baby by Cradling Him as Plane Crashes Killing Both Parents

The plane that crashed in Ubate, Colombia, claimed the lives of Mayerly Diaz Rojas, her husband Fabio Grandas and their son's nanny, Nuris Maza

A baby miraculously survived a horror plane crash in Colombia this week that killed both his parents. Rescue workers who arrived on the scene reported that the baby was found still cradled in his deceased mother's arms. She had apparently shielded him from harm with her body.

The plane crashed in Ubate, Colombia on Tuesday, and the accident claimed the lives of Mayerly Diaz Rojas, her husband Fabio Grandas and their son's nanny, Nuris Maza. Interestingly, the baby, Martin, was the lone survivor in the tragic crash. According to local media reports in Columbia, the baby is being treated at a local hospital.

Miraculously Saved

Child and Parents
The baby with his parents who died in the crash YouTube Grab

Rojas, Grandas, who was at the controls, and their nanny, Maza, were flying a HK 2335-G plane from Santa Marta to Guaymaral when the plane went down in Ubate on Tuesday. It is still not known what caused the accident, which is being investigated by the police.

According to authorities, rescue workers reached the scene shortly after the crash. They discovered the baby while searching through the debris of the crash plane. Rescuers saw the mother still cradling her baby after dying in the crash, having used her body to shield the infant. Police believe that the mother made this last ditch effort to save the baby as the plane was going down.

It is still not known from what height the plane crashed. However, police is still clueless how the baby managed to survive both the fall and the fire. They feel that it was probably the mother's arms that cushioned the child from everything including the impact of the fall from such a height.

Baby Stable

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Video footage shows the moment shocked locals stand around the crash site. A man appears to detach something from the aeroplane and hands it another wearing a green helmet who walks away with the item.

The cause of the accident is being investigated and bad weather could be a reason when Grandas lost control of the plane. In a statement, the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority expressed their "solidarity with the families of the victims". In the statement, they said, "According to initial information, the aeroplane had all of its technical documentation up to date."

Martin is reported to be in a stable condition, and is being treated at the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota University Hospital according to local media reports. Grandas was a well-known doctor in Bogota, according to local media reports.