Young Missionary Couple Brutally Slain in Haiti: Ambushed, Tied, and Burned Alive by Gang Violence

Davy and Natalie Lloyd, who were married in June 2022, dedicated their lives to missionary work in Haiti

A young missionary couple, Davy and Natalie Lloyd, tragically lost their lives in Haiti amid escalating gang violence. The couple, aged 23 and 21 respectively, were founders of Missions in Haiti Inc., a nonprofit organization. They were ambushed by armed attackers on the mission's compound.

The distressing incident unfolded as David Lloyd, the father of Davy, recounted the harrowing moments over the phone. He had recently left Haiti for Oklahoma, leaving his son and daughter-in-law to manage the mission's operations. Davy and Natalie were confident in their safety despite the surge in gang violence plaguing Haiti since late February.

Missionary couple killed in Haiti

The first attack occurred when members of the Terre Nwa/Terre Noire gang ambushed them as they exited the mission church with children. Davy was tied up and assaulted while the assailants looted the property, taking away vehicles, equipment, and money, including the week's payroll.

After the initial gang left, a second group from nearby Canaan invaded the compound. The couple, along with Jude Montis, the mission's Haitian director, barricaded themselves in the Lloyd's house. Tragically, the second gang breached the defenses and killed all three occupants. Disturbing footage reviewed by the Wall Street Journal showed the grim aftermath, with some bodies found burned.

Davy and Natalie Lloyd, who were married in June 2022, dedicated their lives to missionary work in Haiti. Davy, having grown up on the mission compound, considered Haiti his home and advocated for it passionately. Natalie chronicled their journey on social media platforms.

The devastating news has left family, friends, and supporters in mourning. A GoFundMe campaign set up for the families quickly exceeded its target, reflecting the widespread support and sympathy. The generosity extended even to political figures, with Rob Vascovo, a former Speaker and Majority Leader of the Missouri House of Representatives, being one of the significant donors.

The tragic deaths of Davy and Natalie Lloyd underscore the dangers faced by missionaries in regions afflicted by violence, leaving behind a community devastated by their loss.