Young Chinese Gamer 'Fat Cat', 21, Dies in Apparent Suicide Following Breakup with Virtual Girlfriend

He met his 'materialistic' online girlfriend through the mobile game 'Honor Of Kings.'

The tragic suicide of the Chinese gamer known as 'Fat Cat' has been confirmed, with his body discovered 12 days after he leaped off the Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge on April 11, 2024. Identified as Liu Jie, the 21-year-old from Hunan Province reportedly took his own life following a breakup with his virtual girlfriend, Tan Zhu, whom he met through the mobile game 'Honor Of Kings.'

Gamer fat Cat

Fat Cat, smitten with Tan Zhu, a Chongqing native born in 1997, whom he met in the gaming realm, relocated to be closer to her, aiming to evade a long-distance relationship. Sacrificing luxuries, he led a frugal existence, channeling all his earnings to her. He toiled relentlessly, enduring meager 10 yuan meals (roughly $1.39) to sustain her financially, striving to fulfill vows of matrimony. Despite transferring a substantial 510,000 yuan (approximately $70,000) for her needs, travels, and a business endeavor, he found himself financially strained, evident in his social media post yearning for McDonald's over vegetables.

Fat Cat, who earned his living primarily through "game boosting," had his world shattered when Tan Zhu terminated their relationship in April 2024. Before ending his life, he transferred his remaining RMB 66,000 to Tan Zhu before taking the fateful leap.

The incident, dubbed the "Fat Cat Jumps into the River Incident," garnered widespread attention from the media. Tan Zhu, amidst the uproar, publicly apologized for her role in the breakup, denying accusations of receiving RMB 510,000 from Fat Cat. In the aftermath, an agreement was reached between Tan Zhu and Fat Cat's father for compensation amounting to RMB 130,000.

However, the saga took an unexpected turn when Fat Cat's sister recalculated the total amount transferred between the two to be RMB 510,000. She shared her findings through an online video, thrusting the incident into the spotlight once again.

On May 3, 2024, Fat Cat's body was cremated, marking the conclusion of a deeply tragic chapter in the world of online gaming. His death serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact virtual relationships can have on individuals, transcending the digital realm to affect lives in the real world.