Young amputee girl who received disgusting sexual comments to start her own patreon page

Cherie Louise, the young amputee girl who received shocking sexual comments will soon start her own patreon page to answer questions about herself

Young Amputee Girl Cherie Louise
Instagram grab/ Cherie.Louise

A young amputee girl who received disgusting sexual comments such as ''easy rape'' and other demeaning words on a Twitter thread simply for posting a picture of herself wearing a spaghetti top and skirt shocked people and showcased how sad online bullying can be. Since then, several articles about the girl went online and she was bombarded with tons of messages and comments on her social media handle.

Own Patreon Page

The 27-year-old amputee, Cherie Louise took to her Instagram handle stating that she's tired of answering questions online after the ''media thing'' and plans to start her own Patreon page soon, so she can save her time and energy by answering to only those who truly want to know her life journey better.

''I've been getting bombarded with personal questions lately due to the recent media *thing* but unfortunately answering them and talking about these things all the time is suuuper draining. I'll be starting a patreon page soon so that those of you who have questions or want to know more about me can follow along as I find time to write and the energy to share,'' she posted on Instagram.

Young Amputee Girl Cherie Louise
Instagram grab/ Cherie.Louise

Shocking and disgusting sexual comments

For the uninitiated, back in November 2019, Cherie posted a picture of herself on a Twitter thread that asked people to 'state their age and something they can't do'. Cherie commented that she is 27-years-old and can't cross her legs and shared a picture holding walking sticks in both her hands, which obviously states that she's an amputee.

All hell broke loose, as she started receiving disgusting comments under her picture which hinted that she's easy to rape and several others commented that she needs their ''third leg'', while the others commented that they ''would still have sex with her despite her disability.''

Cherie was disappointed and angry

Disgusted by all the comments, Cherie had slammed them all by saying, ''The internet can be a disgusting place. I think I'm just disappointed that I couldn't make a lighthearted joke without it turning into a barrage of men commenting whether or not they'd have sex with me.

She further commented, ''That some think it's a compliment that they would still be interested in me even though I'm disabled, as though that should be some kind of deal-breaker and that I would even get comments saying how it would be easy to rape me because of my disability."