Posing in lingerie made me feel worse, says ex Victoria's Secret model Nicole Weider

Former Victoria's Secret model Nicole Weider revealed that she never felt empowered posing in a lingerie

It was a dream come true when Nicole Weider was selected to be Victoria's Secret Angel at a young age of 21. After being famous posing for Maxim, the model obviously couldn't contain her excitement and was on top of the world. She walked the ramp in sizzling hot VS lingerie and stunned onlookers with her hotness and charisma.

In her latest interview with Fox News, Nicole revealed that despite being a lingerie model for Victoria's Secret, she never really felt empowered posing in them and always felt worse about herself. However, after quitting her lucrative modelling world, Nicole walked down the religious path, encouraging girls to not enter the glamour business and urged them all to follow Jesus.

Posing in lingerie made me feel worse

Nicole Weider
Twitter / Nicole Weider

Nicole Weider reached her peak through Victoria's Secret but found a wake-up call in 2006, when she quit modelling and took up religious work. She revealed that she was shocked in how the way photographers treated models and everything was fake and photoshopped to fool people.

''The photographer was also encouraging me to show much stomach and lift my shirt up more, trying to make it sexy, I guess. I just kept thinking, 'This isn't really what I want to be doing.' The whole experience was just making me feel bad. I just knew it was my time. You would think being in lingerie on a shoot would make you feel empowered. But for me, it was just making me feel worse,'' she said to Fox News.

The former VS model further commented, ''That's when I knew I really didn't want to do this anymore. I don't know why 2006 was my lingerie year *laughs* but it was also my wake-up call.''

Now that I quit modelling, I have no regrets of my past

Nicole Weider
Twitter / Nicole Weider

Nicole, who was once a famous and well-known lingerie model, stated that she enjoys her current life the most and doesn't regret the past and is happy that she took the right decision to quit Victoria's Secret. She said, ''I'm the kind of person who doesn't have regrets. I don't regret things. It was a period in my life I had to experience for a greater purpose. If I didn't go through that, I don't know if I would still have the same passion and purpose for God I have now.''