You Can't Take Your Eyes Off These Stunning Lifestyle Influencers From Singapore

These beautiful ladies are power--packed influencers

Instagram is the most powerful tool for branding and marketing is an already established fact now. Users across the age, choices, and preferences are scrolling through the app for considerably long hours every day. This is the reason brands are spending moolah on Instagram influencers to promote their brand and range of products. Lifestyle is one of the most preferred domains on Instagram, lifestyle influencers are always in high demand by leading global businesses.

Here we are listing Singapore's top 5 lifestyle influencers.


The gorgeous female influencer has 582,000 followers on Instagram. Her real name is Cheng Yan Yan Wendy. She is a YouTuber, blogger, and online TV personality. XiaXue's beauty is no less than any Disney princess. Her uber-chic fashion sense and superb content attract huge traffic to her profile page. She endorses brands like Ruhens, Shein, Enozo, Sakae Holdings, Carragheen, and Caltex. Etc.

Singapore- Xiaxue


The beautiful wife of YouTuber Jian Hao Tan has 435,000 followers on Instagram. This beautiful mom of famous Instagram baby influencer starletytan is a complete package. The entire loveable family offers great brand value that is rarely found anywhere else. She endorses brands like Montigo, Shopee, London Weight Management, and Somethincon.


Yu Qing

Her real name is Irene Jhao. This picture-perfect beauty has 431,000 followers on Instagram. As beautiful as any top model, she made it to the headline when her pictures in NFT form were sold at a whopping $5 Million. This stunning diva has worked with brands like Zalora and Acmé De La Vie.

Singapore- Yu Qing

Jeanette Aw

There are very few entrepreneurs as strikingly beautiful as Jeanette Aw. This businesswoman has 423,000 followers on Instagram. A large percentage of her feeds are from her travels. She is also a high-profile filmmaker, actress, and writer. Since 2001 she has endorsed many renowned brands. On her Instagram feed, she is seen promoting Dior, Gucchi, Martel, and Once Upon a Time.

Singapore-Jeanette Aw

Joanne Peh

Another classy beauty Joan Peh has 364,000 followers on Instagram. Joanne was one of the participants in Miss Singapore Universe in 2002. She is an actress, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She is an advocate of a balanced lifestyle. She mostly talks about healthy food and fitness. She endorses Amazon (Singapore), Kino Himitsu, Geneco, etc.

Singapore-Joanne Peh
This article was first published on March 21, 2023