You can now explore moon's surface using this 3D-printed model, AR app

San Francisco-based firm AstroReality has created the model and the app both which allow users to explore the surface of the moon.

San Francisco-based firm AstroReality has created a 3D-printed model of the moon, dubbed Lunar which allows users to explore the satellite pole to pole using an augmented-reality (AR) app, reported


This new moon model has craters, mares, dead volcanoes and all the other features of the natural satellite, which you can witness virtually and inspects too with the AR app.

As per the report, AstroReality's designers used real data from the NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to create this scientifically accurate texture model of the moon. The models have been printed with 0.006 millimeters resolution and the hand-painted finish makes it appear more realistic.


With this AR app of AstroReality users can also scope out landing spots for NASA's Apollo missions. Once you click on one of these landing sites, you will be able to see all the pictures and videos of the mission and also get the detailed information about it, said the report.

Currently, the product is in its "prototype stage" and the developers of AstroReality are making further progress on it. The company is also developing a series of "moon tasks" for the model, in which users will be able to virtually replicate the actions of the actual Apollo astronauts using the AR app, informed Joanne Dai, lead producer of AstroReality, to

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The Lunar model comes in three sizes and is available for purchase on IndieGogo. While you can already pre-order one model, shipping of the same will not start before 2018 January. The largest model, Lunar Pro costs $200, while the regular size is on sale for $89. The smallest one carries a price tag of $49. Prices of these products have been slashed 28%, currently.