You can now engrave AirPods charging case with your favorite emojis, larger text

Apple now allows users to customize their AirPods charging case by including emojis and larger text for free

Apple's AirPods may only be available in one colour but the company is now making up for its lack of colour options with more ways to personalise your wireless earbuds.

Add larger text and emojis to your AirPods charging case

While users were already able to include a custom engraving on their charging case, Apple announced today that users will now be able to add larger text and emojis for the very first time.

"New personal engraving options, from A to emoji," said Apple in a new banner featured on the home page of its website. This means users will be able to customize their AirPods charging case on Apple's online store via the "Customise it for free" option which shows up when you select the earphones.

Apple Airpods charging case

Like the text inscriptions, the engravings are available for free across all of Apple AirPods offerings, including the $250 AirPods Pro, $160 AirPods, and $200 AirPods with the wireless charging case.

Which emojis, text options are available?

Unfortunately, there are limited emojis available to choose from but Apple still offers more than 30 options, including the most popular ones like the smiling face, thumbs up, heart, unicorn, fist bump ghost, cat, alien, dog and even the poop emoji.

Moreover, Users can choose from either text or an emoji to be engraved on their accessories, but not both due to space restrictions. Apple has also tweaked the text that can be added to the ‌AirPods‌, bumping up the size.

The new personalisation options are available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and a few other countries. However, some regions still do not offer the option to write a message on the AirPods charging case.

AirPods' growing popularity

AirPods have been a hugely successful product for Apple since its launch in 2016. The offering has not only bolstered the company's growth in the wearable market but has also compensated for the decline in sales revenue from iPhones.

As they continue to grow in popularity, accessory makers are offering different types of cases, covers, and other add-ons for Apple's wireless earbuds. Some retailers are even offering AirPods straps to prevent users from losing their precious earbuds.

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