YoonA talks bonding with 'The King Loves' cast, visiting Im Siwan in the army

Actress also says working with on the movie 'Confidential Assignment' made her more passionate about acting.

Im Siwan and YoonA in a behind-the-scenes still from 'The King Loves.' instagram.com/official_thekingloves

MBC drama 'The King In Love,' popularly known by its literal translation 'The King Loves,' is doing well ratings wise. The cast has a good chemistry with each other, especially Im Siwan and Girls Generation singer and actress Im Yoon-ah; popularly known as YoonA. Now the leading actress of the drama has spoken about the deep bonding shared among the cast.

As noted by website Soompi, YoonA recently sat down for an interview and a photo shoot with Allure Korea where she revealed that the cast members are close in real life. "Everyone in the cast is close, so we have a group chat room with nearly twenty people," she said, adding, "We've also talked in there about all going together to visit Im Siwan, who's in the army."

Im Siwan enlisted in the military this July 11. He is to serve as an active-duty soldier at a recruit training centre in Gyeonggi province, a Soompi article noted. During a July 3 press conference for 'The King Loves,' Im Siwan had said, "I'm not scared of entering military life because YoonA will be visiting me at the army. She'll be the very first one to visit. I'm looking forward to it."

YoonA had also addressed visiting Im Siwan and said, "I will definitely be visiting him. If our drama does well in viewership ratings, the cast members and I will go visit Im Siwan wearing [traditional] outfits. This isn't a [ratings] promise though."

Regarding the group chat room, it might be remembered that the 'Goblin' cast members also claimed to have a personal group chat room.

As to her being a part of 'The King Loves,' YoonA said, "I think it will be good acting experience for me to be playing a character that's not passive and that has a range of emotions. I consulted a lot with the writer. The script is great, so I'm remaining faithful to the script." YoonA plays the daughter of a wealthy nobleman who hides her identity to survive.

YoonA also spoke about her recent movie, 'Confidential Assignment,' starring Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin in the leading roles. "It was a work that gave me a lot. I came to have more passion about acting," she said.

This article was first published on August 31, 2017