Seohyun reminds Girls' Generation members how they ill treated her

Senior members of the group unable to defend themselves against Seohyun's allegations.

Singer and actress Seohyun.

K-pop group Girls' Generation is recently in the news after member Taeyeon had a distressing encounter at Jakarta airport when people rushed towards her, knocking her down on the floor. Some even made repeated body contact with her, which may have been accidental. There is another sad story from the past that sheds a lot of light on many Girls' Generation members; their misbehaviour with the youngest member, Seohyun.

As noted by website Soompi, it was during the August 19 episode of JTBC's "Ask Us Anything" where Girls' Generation member Seohyun revealed how her senior band members had treated her roughly in the past, causing her a lot of distress.

Seohyun said when all of them lived in a dorm, she was charged with the responsibility to wake all the members up in the morning; an experience which ended up being bitter for her. "I have a really hard time waking up myself, but I worked hard to wake up everyone else. One time, however, Sooyoung told me to mind my own business. It was really shocking! I was pretty upset by it," the 26-year-old successful singer and actress revealed.

Sooyoung was unable to say anything in her defence, meaning she may have been guilty of rough behaviour towards her fellow group member. Sooyoung was not the only one who misbehaved with Seohyun. She continued, "Because we were always late, I would have to wake them up. Of course, when I actually wake them up, they don't feel too good about it. When I went into YoonA and Yuri's room, Yuri yelled at me to turn off the lights. I was hurt."

At this point Hyoyeon interrupted her by trying to say she never gave her junior any grief. "I always got up fine," she said. But Seohyun was not letting her go that easily and added, "Yeah, but you wouldn't come out of your room!"

Next it was Taeyeon's turn. It was revealed that Taeyeon talks a lot in her sleep. Sooyoung tried to absolve her of her guilt saying, "I sleep talk a lot, too, actually." She got caught again when Seohyun replied, "Your eyes were half-open when you would talk to me;" revealing she was lying.

Seniors bullying the juniors isn't anything new. It happens everywhere. But it is almost always a harrowing and sad experience that leaves deep emotional scars in those who are at the receiving end of things.

It is only fitting that the senior Girls' Generation members were exposed by Seohyun for the rough behaviour they meted out to the youngest member of their group; who they should have been more protective of instead.

This article was first published on August 20, 2017