Yoochun sued for $1.12 million over dog bite in 2011

Yoochun JYJ’s Facebook page

JYJ member Yoochun has been sued by an acquaintance who was bitten by his family dog seven years ago.

The unidentified acquaintance wants to get 1.2 billion won (US$1.12 million) for alleged medical costs from Yoochun over the incident.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ's agency, the acquaintance, who is a friend of Yoochun's former manager, went to the balcony of Yoochun's house in 2011 to look at the dog but was bitten.

"Yoochun went to the friend's hospital with his manager, apologized, and paid for their hospital fees. Last week, the accuser sued Yoochun for 1.2 billion KRW (1.1 million USD), and we found about the suit today," the agency explained.

It added that "Yoochun has never been contacted for the past 7 years by the accuser about their continuous 7-year treatment, so he is currently looking over the suit with his family. He will be checking the truth of the situation through the police and will work to resolve the situation amicably."

It was not known why the accuser did not contact Yoochun before to ask for compensation for the treatment.

Netizens criticized the lawsuit, asking why it took seven years before the person contacted Yoochun.

"So why didn't the person ever contact Park Yoochun during the 7 years they were getting treated for the dog bite? Why now are they demanding 1.2 billion won? Seems like they think this is a prime opportunity to rip some money off of him, no?" wrote one.

Another said, "I hate Toilet Yoochun as much as the next person but this person went out of their way to see the dog and then got bit... so why are they demanding 1.2 billion won now."

One netizen said the "lawsuit feels like a money scam" and another posted that "are they serious with the 1.2 billion won demand ㅡㅡ people who will say anything to rip money off of someone are the worst."

"Why didn't they file the lawsuit right after getting bit? Why now? Only now after the scandal with the dog biting someone to death and knowing that Park Yoochun's image is bad did they go forward with a lawsuit for some money. How dirty," according to another netizen.