Siwon apologizes to fans about fatal dog-biting incident

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Siwon, the member of Korean boy band Super Junior, has apologized to fans at the group's concert regarding the dog-biting incident in September that killed a restaurant owner.

Super Junior held their concert "Super Show 7" on December 15 to 17 with Siwon in attendance, the first time that he joined the group since opting out of album promotions last November.

Last October, it was revealed that Siwon's family dog Bugsy bit a restaurant owner in an elevator of an apartment building on September 30. The victim died a few days later due to sepsis.

Koreans criticized Siwon and his family for allowing the dog to roam around without a leash. This prompted the Korean government to increase fines on people who let their dog out without a leash.

It was then announced that Siwon would be joining Super Junior's concert with the group's label claiming that it was "actually unavoidable because the contract was already set months ago."

At the concert, Siwon said, "I want to sincerely apologize for causing concerns. I had to make a hard decision to stand on stage, and I want to take this chance to thank my members who always supported me with warm words, believed in me, and showed me love."

He added, "To be honest, I talked to the members when we were practicing. The members said they wanted to be together with me no matter what happened. I was so sorry and thankful when I heard that. I think that's why I was able to stand here today. I sincerely thank fans who believed in me and waited for me until I was able to stand here."

But Korean netizens have not forgiven him.

"This ba$tard's already crawling back out...? How is it that every single one of SM's kids are so shameless," one wrote.

Another said, "SM needs to fire Kangin and Choi Siwon, these two are so shameless" while a fan commented, "The biggest ba$tard of them all ㅡㅡ murderer."

"I just feel so bad for the person who passed away... I have to wonder if he was even genuine with his tearful apology he's so shameless," one netizen wrote.

This article was first published on December 18, 2017