Yoo In Young had 'negative thoughts' while filming a bed scene

Yoo In Young will be latest seen in the film, Misbehavior.

Yoo In Young
Yoo In Young had to shoot an intimate scene in her new film Facebook/YOOINYOUNGOFFICIAL

South Korean actress Yoo In Young was not comfortable while shooting an intimate scene for her new film. The 33-year-old actress had a bold scene in the movie, Misbehavior.

During an episode of tvN's Life Bar, Young said: "Because of those parts, I did have some negative thoughts. Since a while back there were many articles about how tall I was and that focused on my body, which I hated. I felt burdened and I wanted to be known for other good traits. That's why I wondered if I could do a movie where [my body] is even more exposed, and I completely excluded them."

"I did think that if I like the production, I could do it, but there were times when there were something like that [that would expose my body] and I ended up not doing it. However, I could not give up on the movie 'Misbehavior' through just one element that was necessary for the movie," she added.

Young also dished about her acting career. She said: "This may sound like I'm spoiled but I debuted through a pretty significant drama role. However, I was the second lead from the start. It's been 13 years since I've debuted, and I've played second for 13 years."

She continued: "When we start something new, don't we all want to become first place in that field at least once? I had that kind of hope. But having played the second lead for too long, I experienced a slump during my late-20s. I thought to myself, 'Maybe my plate is only this big and I am hoping for something unreachable. I, too, want to try a different role but why am I always the 'bad person' and why am I always the 'rich girl'? It made me wonder if I wasn't good enough."