Goblin: Who is this doppelganger of actor Kim Go Eun?

18-year old singer looks like Kim Go-eun's sibling.

TopSecret boy band's vocalist Kyeongha. pannative.blogspot.in

While the world eagerly waits for more revelations to come from 'Goblin' episode 11, a doppelganger of actor Kim Go-eun, who plays the Goblin's bride Ji Eun-tak, has been found. And that person is male idol Kyeongha.

Website Allkpop noted that the online communities are going crazy over the uncanny resemblance of TopSecret boy band's rookie vocalist Kyeongha who looks like a twin of Kim Go-eun. Fans were quick to notice the two's difference after photos of the 18-year old singer were circulating online under the title 'The male idol who looks like Kim Goeun.'

Looking at the pictures, one might think they are long lost siblings. In fact their facial features and eyes, everything is an almost match, especially their beautiful smile. We could be told that Kim Go-eun is Kyeongha's older sister and no one would suspect it. But they are not biologically related.

Some of the comments on the blog that posted the pictures originally show excited reactions. "I just came here to see how much does he look like Kim Goeun and I went 'Unbelievable...' as I scrolled down this post.. They look exactly the same!!" says one. Another pointed out "He's just.. like the short-haired version of Kim Goeun.'

Keongha made his debut as a vocalist for JSL Company's seven-member boy band TopSecret (formerly 7Stone) this January itself. The group's first mini album 'Time's Up' was released on January 4. The album prominently feature cheerful love songs aimed at couples. "We filmed our music videos at a school to create a three part series. The title track 'She' is a love song and the album is full of songs that people who are currently in love or who have broken off a relationship can listen to," the group said, cited Soompi.

Well, one wonders what TopSecret and Kyeongha himself thinks of this striking resemblance between himself and the 'Goblin' actor. Since, 'Goblin' is currently dealing with a lot of reincarnations, especially of the Grim Reaper, perhaps Kyeongha could play some past life incarnation of Ji Eun-tak. Of course that might be a very distant possibility. But many Korean pop singers have taken part in television dramas, films and variety shows. So, this can definitely be considered as a possibility.

However, Kyeongha has just begun his singing career and it won't be a surprise if he just wants to concentrate on his vocals. Though an offer from tvN producers to appear on the most popular Korean drama, "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God,' might just prove to be too tempting. If not, we shall love for the two promising artists to meet with each other, exchange surprised looks and laugh about their uncanny similarities.

Watch TopSecret's teaser for Kyeongha here.

This article was first published on January 6, 2017