Yanet Garcia: Mexican Model Dubbed 'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Joins OnlyFans to Seduce Fans

Playboy magazine had once called Garcia as a woman who "encourages people to watch the weather forecast" due to the figure-hugging outfits she wore on screen.

Mexican model Yanet Garcia, AKA the "world's hottest weather girl", has joined OnlyFans and plans to entertain her fans with her saucy snaps in the coming days. The hotbod made the announcement to her fans on Instagram and since then her post has garnered over 10 million views in just 12 hours.

The Mexican TV presenter has now joins the long list of celebrities to open an OnlyFans account during the pandemic. She had previously teased about an announcement through a series of image posts on Instagram. She was dubbed as "the hottest weather girl" by Playboy magazine and was also called the woman who "encourages people to watch the weather forecast".

Exploring OnlyFans

In a message to her 13.7 million Instagram followers, Garcia wrote: "Welcome to my OnlyFans. Subscribe to my OnlyFans for exclusive content." Although Garcia hasn't revealed what kind of content she is planning to post on the adults only subscription site, it's likely to be saucy in nature.

Garcia, over the past week, has been sharing various behind the scenes snaps from photoshoots where she posed in barely-there lingerie. Naturally the announcement comes great news for her 13.7 million Instagram fans.

Interestingly, she Yanet has already earned over 6,000 likes on OnlyFans, with one commenter even joking that it was the "best day of his life" when he subscribed. "Wow! I never thought you would join but here as always supporting you in 100% of your projects. I send you good vibes from the heart. I love you!" wrote another.

"Excellent! Good luck with this new project," yet another subscriber wrote, while a fourth wrote, "I was waiting for this day for my whole life."

Raising the Temperature

It is expected that Garcia will be posting her raunchy photos on Onlyfans. As a model she is known for her bold photoshoots, which has earned her millions of fans from across the globe.

The 30-year-old Instagram influencer worked as a model before she landed her first TV role. She became a weather girl on Mexican TV channel Televisa Monterry, where she was a big hit with viewers. In fact, Garcia was dubbed as "the hottest weather girl" by Playboy magazine and was also called the woman who "encourages people to watch the weather forecast".

Before turning a TV show presenter, Garcia was into modeling. She has now turned fitness coach and has also launched her own health and fitness page called Yanet Garcia Health Coach. Besides, Garcia is registered as a trainer on the personal training app FitPlan.

Yanet Garcia Sizzles in Hot Workout Outfit
Yanet Garcia Looks Smoking Hot

According to LiveRampup, she also runs a modeling school in her hometown Monterrey, New Mexico called "Yanet Garcia Models". However, Garcia quit her weather girl job in 2019 after she moved to the United States with her American boyfriend, Lewis Howes, a former professional athlete.

Howes too is supportive of Garcia posting her nudes on OnlyFans. Garcia has also appeared in films like Sharknado 5 and Bellezonismo.