Xiaxue Calls Singer Narelle Kheng Fake B*tch, Gets Dropped From Commercials

Singaporean blogger Xiaxue is being dropped from commercials as netizens threatened to boycott products endorsed by a 'racist'.

Singaporean Youtuber, blogger and social influencer Xiaxue is back in news again after her racist comments towards Workers' Party's Raeesah Khan. This time, she is being targeted for the kind of language she uses on social media. The latest in the list is calling her acquaintance "fake b*tch," after she shared Xiaxue's photographs supporting US President Donald Trump.

Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue
Singaporean YouTuber and social media influencer Xiaxue faced backlash for her racist remarks Instagram

Local singer Narelle Kheng, who had starred along with Xiaxue in the Toggle comedy series Lifespam, which aired in 2017, shared Xiaxue's tweet supporting Donald Trump after a police case was filed against Xiaxue for her racist tweet from 2010.

Narelle shared the tweet with the caption: "Just.. Leaving. This. Here......" on July 8. The tweet included photos of Xiaxue supporting Donald Trump with a hat sporting "Make America Great Again," and holding a book "Trump The Art of The Deal." Xiaxue also had shared a photo of her holding a cup with "Liberal Tears," written on it.

PAP Supporter is Also Ardent Trump Supporter?

Declaring her support to Trump, Xiaxue, who is an ardent supporter of the People's Action Party in Singapore, had written in her Reddit account that she was coming out of the closet. "It is really more dangerous to come out of the closet as a trump supporter than a homosexual these days because at least gays have laws protecting them," Xiaxue had said in 2017.

Following this tweet by Kheng, Xiaxue also took to Twitter on July 9 and wrote: "Didn't know you were such a fake b*tch when we were filming together." Kheng too decided to take on Xiaxue and replied, "I guess I grew up," suggesting Xiaxue's actions were still immature.

Xiaxue Twitter

Xiaxue also expressed her shock that Kheng took to social media to express her views. The Youtuber who spared none while racially abusing people online was taken aback when people did the same to her. She told Kheng that she had considered her a friend even though they were not close.

"You have my phone number. We aren't close but I considered you a friend. If you want to change a person's mind instead of publicly shaming them you could speak to them and discuss things. But I guess you think your method is the mature way to do things," wrote Xiaxue.

Out of Commercials

Despite trolls over her racist remarks growing on social media, Xiaxue shared the screenshot of her name trending number 1 on Twitter. In fact, it was not only her name but #PunishXiaxue that was trending.

This enraged netizens who demanded that she should be dropped from commercials. They also threatened to boycott products of the companies if they do not drop Xiaxue from their advertisements.

Currently, Xiaxue is the face of several brands, including Caltex, Benefit and Brother, as well as Fresh. Netizens said that they do not want to buy products endorsed by a racist.

To start with, Fresh took to Instagram to announce that it ended its partnership with Xiaxue on June 6. Reacting to the same, Xiaxue told that she was disappointed but that she understands the position of companies. She blamed harassment by trolls for losing advertisements. But she said that no amount of trolls will be able to bully her.