Xiaomi's new teaser image confirms Mi6 launch date

Mi6 finally gets a likely launch date from Xiaomi in its teaser image posted on Facebook.

Xiaomi Mi6 launch teaser image
Xiaomi's new teaser image confirms Mi6 launch date

Xiaomi Mi6 returns to spotlight after a flurry of rumoured specs and highly-speculated release details surfaced online in the last few days. Although we haven't heard much from Xiaomi about the ensuing rumours or a probable release date for the handset, the company has recently published a teaser image on its official Facebook page to unveil the mystery behind their upcoming flagship smartphone from the Mi series.

Given the immense hype surrounding the Mi6 launch, the company has decidedly hinted at the likely launch date for the flagship handset in a recent teaser image posted on its official Facebook page. The internet has lately been abuzz with news of imminent Mi6 launch or release announcement.

Contrary to ensuing rumours, it now seems that the company was actually planning to announce the date for the phone's official launch. So, it turns out that it's just an announcement specifying the date for the forthcoming announcement.

The company has scheduled the official Mi6 launch for 19 April in Beijing. However, the date does not seem to be finalised yet and it could be a tentative date in the wake of ensuing rumours.

Nevertheless, Mi series fans should be pleased to know that they will indeed get to see the Mi6 sooner or later and hopefully with Android Nougat out of the box.

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