Xiaomi's new fast-charging tech will take your phone from 0 to 100 in minutes

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new fast charging technology that will charge your phone in just 17 minutes

Until today, when someone brought up super-fast charging, the Oppo Reno Ace would be mentioned. With charging speeds of up to 65W, it is the world's only handset that can handle such high charging speeds. The budget-friendly flagship smartphone from Oppo needs not more than half an hour to fully charge the device's 4,000 mAh battery.

Xaomi's 'fast' tech

However, Xiaomi has upped the ante on fast phone charging by unveiling new fast charging technology that finally does justice to the word "fast." After announcing the tech a few months ago, the Chinese tech giant showed off the charging speed of a 100W charger, which it unveiled at its annual Developer Conference in China.

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Attendants are silhouetted in front of Xiaomi's logo at a venue for the launch ceremony of Xiaomi's new smart phone Mi Max in Beijing, May 10, 2016 Kim Kyung-Hoon/File Photo/Reuters

Xiaomi's co-founder and president, Lin Bin, shared a video on China's Twitter-like social media platform, Weibo, showing off the new technology, which it's calling "Super Charge Turbo," in action.

As demonstrated in the video, a 100W charger is capable of charging a device with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes, nearly half as much time as the Reno Ace takes for a full charge. With fast charging like this, users will no longer care about a device's battery specs because it doesn't matter as much when you're able to juice up your phone in under half an hour.

It is not yet clear how repeated fast charging sessions at 100W speed will affect the battery's health over time but Xiaomi says it has taken a lot of safety and security measures to ensure that there won't be any damage to the device while charging.

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Xiaomi beats Vivo?

Vivo also announced the FlashCharge tech that supports the speed of up to 120W a couple of months ago with but it looks like Xiaomi has beaten its Chinese rival to the punch and is ready to move forward with an actual product launch with the new tech next year.

In recent years, Xiaomi has continuously made many breakthroughs in the high-efficiency charging field for both wired and wireless technology. In September, the company introduced the world's first 30W fast wireless charging device that arrives with the Mi 9 Pro 5G.