Xiaomi launches coffee maker, smart shoes and more

Xiaomi launches coffee machine, which can process coffee beans based on individual preferences in a minute.


Xiaomi has lately been expanding its product portfolio quite rapidly, not to mention its recent launch of Scishare Coffee Maker, Mi Walkie-Talkie, Mi Smart Camera, Mi Car Recorder, Mi Smart Scale 2 and '90 Minutes Ultra Smart' pair of sneakers.

Here is what you can expect:

The Scishare Coffee Maker is the 67th product in their household product segment, which belongs to Xiaomi MIJIA Home line created by Ningbo Heart Technology Co. Ltd.

The Scishare Coffee Maker

According to the claims made by the company it will make you hot piping coffee just as you like it, through its advanced design that is able to process coffee beans according to individual preferences, within a minute. Another discerning factor is that the machine is energy efficient and will switch off on its own if not used for 15 minutes.

The Mi Walkie-Talkie weighs barely 200 grams and has a 2600 mAh battery.

The Mi Walkie-Talkie

It's priced at CNY 299 and said to be capable of handling both Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) bands.

The Mi Smart Camera is an ultra wide camera, which is capable of shooting 1080p videos and its infrared night vision option has a range of up to 10 metres.

The Mi Smart Camera

This dual band WiFi supported camera has been priced by the company at CNY 199.

The Mi Car Recorder launched by the company has a Sony IMX323 image sensor and as per claims, is able to produce high definition images both during the day and night time.

The Mi Car Recorder

This F1.8 aperture recorder comes with a price tag of CNY 349.

The Xiaomi's Mi Smart scale 2 comes with a large pad and a hidden LED display to boot and is just 14.75mm thick.

The Xiaomi's Mi Smart scale 2

This device, which has been priced at CNY 199, is able to analyze and provide 10 types of data such as BMI, basal metabolism, weight, bone mass, muscle mass, body fat rate, water, body score, body size and visceral fat grade to the user via a companion app.

The '90 Minutes Ultra Smart' shoes are the latest offering from Xiaomi MiJia stable, which have been designed keeping the needs of professional athletes in mind.

Xiaomi '90 Minutes Ultra Smart' shoes

Along with the nitty-gritty's of a proper sports shoe it has a 'Ultra Smart' approach owing to the fact that the Intel's Curie chip that has been embedded in it, gives its users the information on how much distance they have covered and how much calories have been burned in the process. This smart footwear is capable of going 60 days on one full charge and is priced at 299 Yuan.