X Introduces $1,000 Monthly Fee for Brand Verification, Raises Discussions on Impact and Fairness

step aims to discourage fraudulent accounts and set a high standard for verification

X, previously known as Twitter, has introduced a new requirement for companies to maintain their brand verification status. Under this revamped certification system, businesses have two options: they can either pay $1,000 per month for a gold checkmark denoting "Verified Organization" or forgo verification altogether.


Elon Musk, the owner of X, defended this decision, stating that it aims to discourage fraudulent accounts and set a high standard for verification. However, the introduction of this policy has sparked discussions about fairness, cost, and its impact on companies and individuals.

On social media, Elon Musk expressed support for this trend, arguing that subscriptions can enhance a company's authority and extend their organic reach on the platform.The $1,000 monthly verification cost was justified by Elon Musk as a means to support credible businesses and deter criminal activities and fake accounts. He also suggested that this move could help X recover from losses due to a decline in advertising revenue. However, X faced criticism over its verification measures, which included a $8 per month blue badge model for individual users.

Some long-time users were upset about losing their legacy badges, and concerns were raised about the increasing commercialization of features that were once offered to users at no cost. Brands, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, expressed worries about the affordability of the $1,000 monthly fee for verification, fearing it could create an uneven playing field favoring larger businesses with more substantial financial resources. Nonprofit groups, academic institutions, and grassroots initiatives may find it challenging to justify the cost of maintaining their verification status.

Beyond businesses, influencers and content creators also rely on verified status to establish trust and grow their audience. People have varying opinions on X's authentication process, with some viewing the $1,000 price as a legitimate expense for reputable organizations, while others see it as an exclusionary tactic favoring wealthy groups. Social media users have voiced their concerns using hashtags such as #NoPayToPlay and #VerifyForAll.

The introduction of X's $1,000 monthly price for brand certification has sparked debates on cost, fairness, and the platform's future direction. Smaller businesses and individuals may be affected by this change, despite Elon Musk's explanations regarding its anti-fraud and revenue-increasing objectives. As the social media landscape evolves, it remains uncertain how X and its user base will adapt moving forward.

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