WWE: Big hint dropped on possible return feud for Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens YouTube grab

WWE superstar Kevin Owens, who was attacked by Bobby Lashley back in October 2018, has been away from the ring ever since with a knee injury. If the Fired Up recent podcast by Joe Peisich on Barnburner is anything to go by, the possible comeback bout of Owens will be against Bobby Lashley, which sets the stage perfectly for a momentous welcome back for the superstar.

Earlier, Vince McMahon had announced a slew of changes to the WWE roster, and the prominent amongst those was the return of Sami Zyan and Kevin Ownes. In fact, two separate graphics were aired which dropped hints about the return of Owens and Zyan.

However, there was no specific timetable shared for the return of either man. In the Fired Up podcast, it was mentioned that Owens would return with a change in his character.

Comeback as early as Royal Rumble?

"Kevin Owens looks slim, trim, very good. Expect Kevin Owens to feud with Bobby Lashley possibly as early as the day after the Royal Rumble. Are you excited for that?"

It should be mentioned here that Bobby Lashley is still a heel and now is the winner of the Intercontinental Title.

Before injury ruled him out, Owens did taper off a little. He never confronted Braun Strowman, which was a certain disappointment. It is expected that upon his return and with a change in character, we will see the old Owens, who was more spontaneous and ruthless, much like when he started his career.

The NXt Champions had confronted John Cena as soon as he arrived on the main roster. He made a strong statement when he headbutted Vince McMahon and if hints dropped are anything to go by, the comeback man will be along the same lines.