John Cena jokes about Nikki Bella split on WWE SmackDown return

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WWE wrestler and Bumblebee movie star John Cena finally returned to the wrestling arena and not only featured his new hair, but also joked about his high-profile split with Nikki Bella.

On Tuesday, viewers witnessed John Cena's much-anticipated return to the WWE. While addressing the WWE universe on his return to SmackDown, he stated that there are many who are going to call him irrelevant -- someone who is trying hard to make it big in Hollywood but that's not the case with him. At the same time, he also addressed the issue with his latest "hairstyle."

"Some man's gonna walk down here and try to tell me that I'm an old, broken-down, part-timing Hollywood wannabe that should just get a haircut and leave WWE faster than Nikki Bella left me."

As earlier reported, after divorcing his first wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena started dating fellow wrestler Nikki Bella in 2012. The favourite WWE couple got engaged when the Bumblebee movie star proposed to her at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, 2017. However, the couple parted ways a month before their scheduled marriage.

Meanwhile, as recently reported, Nikki Bella is currently focusing on herself and is excited for the new year. As per an alleged insider, she is busy decorating her space with her personal touches that represent her.

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John Cena was not involved in a car accident Reuters

Apart from this, John Cena's new hairstyle is also a matter concern among his fans. Many have even called it "ridiculous" while others have stated that Cena's hair is weird. So, what's the reason behind his weird hairstyle? Cena stated in the past that his role for Jackie Chan's upcoming movie, Project X, demanded him to grow his hair.

While speaking to Jimmy Fallon, John Cena stated, "I had to grow it out for a role and I am trying my best to manage it, like they style it out differently on the set. They asked me to grow it out and I said no problem. I left for China, so the last time people saw me I had the traditional short crew cut and now I came back and this ball of wax that's on my head, so now everyone's like, 'Man, you ruined my childhood.'"