WTF Coin Promotion? Female Streaker Invades Belgium-Finland Euro 2020 Match to Promote Cryptocurrency

Sporting a swimsuit and promoting a website called "WTF Coin," with a link to the website underneath the name, the stunning looking woman left the spectators and players shocked.

Euro 202O got its first glimpse of pitch invasion during the Belgium-Finland match on Monday when a scantily clad woman forced her way onto the flied while play was in progress. The sexy lady didn't pose much of a problem but she smartly used the 30-odds seconds on the big stage to advertise the cryptocurrency WTF Coin.

While the fans were left stunned, the players smiled and so did the woman, before ground personnel and police removed her from the field. No more details about the women were revealed but she has gone viral on social media for choosing this unique way to promote WTF Coin.

Surprise Visitor

The scantily-clad woman on the pitch during the Belgium-Finland Euro 2020 match Twitter

The woman barged into the field during stoppage time wearing revealing clothes that didn't miss the eye of the spectators. Sporting a swimsuit and promoting a website called "WTF Coin," with a link to the website underneath the name, the woman first jumped the gates and then jogged onto the field.

She made it to the halfway line before being stopped by security. However, she didn't create any problem and was smiling as she jogged. The players too were bemused but before anyone could further react, she was cordoned her and ushered her away without any resistance.

However, by that time she had already done enough advertisement for the cryptocurrency company WTF Coin. WTF Coin is one of the many cryptocurrency companies competing with bitcoin and DogeCoin. According to their website, it is a worldwide super volatile meme token on which one can try and make his or her fortune and become a real legend.

Getting an Eyeful

Streaker on field
The woman after invading the pitch Twitter

That said, this wasn't the only pitch intrusion of the day. In the other Group B game between Denmark and Russia, a Russian fan made it to the field before also being stopped by security. However, this fan was a male and not promoting anything. He was simply wearing a Russia jersey and was there to support his team.

The woman who invaded the Belgium-Finland instantly went viral more so because of her stunning looks and the innovative way she choose to promote the cryptocurrency. However, it is not know which country is she from or who was she supporting.

However, even then the match remained the main focus as Belgium secured their third win out of three against a resilient Finland. The Red Devils went in front after a Thomas Vermaelen header ricocheted off the post before bouncing off the Finnish keeper and going in.

On the other hand, the fate of the woman isn't known but sources say she was left with a warning.