Claire Miller: Girl Kills Disabled Sister After Going Viral on TikTok for Posting Photos of Bloody Gloves in Snow

Miller reportedly killed her wheelchair-bound sister Helen in Manheim Township, near Lancaster, in the early hours of Monday, while their parents were sleeping.

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl allegedly stabbed her disabled older sister to death posted a TikTok video which appears to show a bloody latex glove and rants about her father. Claire Miller allegedly stabbed to death her 19-year-old sister Helen in on Monday.

She has since been arrested and is being charged as an adult for homicide. Cops have not determined a motive, a police official said. Her TikTok account has been closed by the video-sharing app. However, the chilling video has since gone viral. Police is still investigating the incident to ascertain the exact motive behind the gruesome murder in the family.

Shocking Murder

Claire Miller
Claire Miller Instagram

Miller reportedly killed Helen in Manheim Township, near Lancaster, in the early hours of Monday, while their parents were sleeping. The video was apparently posted a day before the murder. After Miller's arrest, TikTok sleuths said they believed she ran the account @spiritsandsuchconsulting,Business Insider reported.

In one of the videos posted doing the round on social media, Miller is appears to show a white latex glove covered in blood in the snow before panning to a blood covered stuffed giraffe toy. According to reports, when police arrested her, she was covered in blood and was trying to wash her hands in the snow outside the family home.

In another video posted by Miller, which went viral on TikTok, before it was taken down, Miller is seen using a text-to-speech voice with the caption 'my dad has to stop opening the conversation with "this is just like the gay bar in Japan".'

Several other posts believed to belong to Miller appear to reference violent anime and video games.

It wasn't immediately clear what her problematic TikTok video depicted, but screenshots from the time period reportedly show Miller venting about her father. Interestingly, Miller herself called 911 after killing her sister on Monday night.

Claire Miller
Claire Miller TikTok post Twitter

When officers arrived, she allegedly confessed: "I stabbed by sister." She then directed officers to a bedroom where they found Miller with a fatal stab wound to her neck, prosecutors said. She was pronounced dead at 4.13 am.

Disturbed Teen

The series of videos doing the rounds tell a lot about Miller mindset and that she was disturbed. However, it's not clear what led her to kill her own sister. Business Insider was able to verify that videos posted by Miller made their way to TikTok's For You Page, TikTok's recommendation feed, before the account was removed.

In one of those videos, she can be seen lip-syncing the song 'Violent by Caroles daughter.' In yet another video, she posted screenshots from a Korean comic called 'Killing Stalking' about a young, mentally ill man who was abused and raped by his uncle and in the military.

Her account was flagged for violating the app's "community guidelines," which forbids users who "promote or are engaged in violence." However, by that time the video had already gone viral. She had 22,000 followers on TikTok before her account was taken down, though it was unclear if news of her arrest had boosted her numbers.

In an Instagram post from an account identified by TikTok sleuth as belonging to Miller, the teen posted "still holding out for Mello," a character in the Manga comic Deathnote.

Miller is presently been held without bail. "The investigators are going to be asking those types of questions, conducting those interviews of everybody that was involved, and trying to determine a timeline exactly what that would have lead to this awful event," Manheim Township Police Chief Tom Rudzinski said.