WrestleMania 35 rumours: Future of Undertaker, Hardy Boyz revealed?

The Hardy Boyz.Reuters.
The Hardy Boyz. Reuters

We are all set to enter the WrestleMania season and quite naturally there is tremendous interest around the availability of the Undertaker. WWE fans, Undertaker fans, and the neutrals who love cheering on the Phenom might be disappointed by the fact that according to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the superstar is currently not scheduled to be a part of WWE's biggest event.

We do not want to be jumping the gun and there is still a long way to go until the show finally takes place on April 7th, which could well give the WWE to rewrite the scripts and the feuds in their biggest draw of the calendar year.

If recent appearances are anything to go by, Undertaker has been in the public spotlight a lot in the recent past in plenty of public meetings. Has he said his WWE career goodbye, or this is all building up to one final hurrah? We shall only find out when the show premieres on April 7.

Future of Hardy Boyz in the balance

Another set of reports have dropped speculations that the WWE contracts of Hardy Boyz will be expiring at the beginning of April. This has prompted speculations that they might switch over to All Elite Wrestling as they might be offered be plum contracts.

Jeff Hardy is already confirmed to enter the Royal Rumble match, but the more pointed question will be whether the more complex sibling follows the footsteps and returns at the PPV on January 27th.

It should be mentioned here that while Jeff Hardy has had a decent run as a singles competitor, Matt has his share of injuries and is currently recovering from the recent bout of injuries. If WWE gives them a pay bump and an extension of contract, the AEW scouts could be warded off for the time being.