World's 'hottest grandma' Gina Stewart to appear in Playboy magazine in a sultry outfit

Gina Stewart to make her Playboy magazine debut in sultry lingerie that'll leave you speechless and wanting for more

The 49-year-old hot and sizzling Gina Stewart is all set to appear in the cover page of Playboy magazine. The model will be seen sporting sultry lingerie that'll send tongues wagging and she's all set to reveal her bedroom secrets that'll raise the temperatures to a whole new level.

Gina earned the title ''hottest grandma'' as she's a mother-of-four and a grandmother-of-one and became a hit online, all thanks to her racy Instagram posts sporting bikinis, being topless and sharing pulse-raising lingerie selfies that garner thousands of likes and comments. She also made it to Maxim's hot 100 models list and her fame is only growing by the day.

Gina reveals she loves being called 'grandma'

Gina Stewart
Instagram grab/ Gina Stewart Official

Gina, despite being 49, looks like a woman in her twenties and has all it takes to make it in the glamour industry. When every other model fear that age might finally get to them ending their career, it's the complete opposite for Gina, as she loves and embraces her nickname 'hottest grandma'.

''But I do actually really love the label 'grandma', as I consider it the ultimate reward for raising happy, healthy children. It certainly does seem to raise eyebrows with people – all I do is sit back and laugh at it all. It was never a dream of mine to be labelled the 'worlds hottest grandma'. That wasn't my idea,'' she said to

Gina donated a huge amount to the Australia bushfires

Gina, who lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, helped raise $250,000 to aid rescue efforts for the Australia bushfires that ravaged her country. On the occasion of Australia Day, she took to Instagram saying she's proud of all Australians for staying unified in these tough times and asked everyone to lend a helping hand by donating wholeheartedly to fight the bushfires.

''Australia has been through so much adversity recently. As a nation, we have unified to help each other, for one of the first times social media influence has been used for the greater good of a nation. I'm very proud to call Australia my home, Happy Australia Day Everyone,'' she said.