World's Hottest Gramdma Gina Stewart Reveals the Secrets of Her Age-defying Looks

The world's hottest grandmother Gina Stewart sets pulses racing with his sultry snaps on Instagram and the age-defying looks has kept her followers awestruck who wonder why age isn't catching up with this beauty.

The 50-year-old Gina earned the title of the ''hottest grandma'' as she's a mother-of-four and a grandmother-of-one and is among the most sought after models on the internet, all thanks to her racy snaps posing in bikinis, lingerie sets and even being topless in selfies covering her assets with her bare hands.

World's Hottest Grandma Gina Stewart
Instagram grab / Gina Stewart

Gina finally revealed to the world how she managed to defy her age and look as fresh as a daily even at the age of 50, while women in their twenties complain about ageing.

In her latest Instagram post, Gina revealed the secrets behind her youthful looks stating that her skin and body remained radiant, glowing and wrinkle-free throughout her life as she sipped a glass of red wine every day and has been religiously following the routine for several years that's kept her from ageing.

However, she advised her followers to drink in moderation and not end up binge-drinking as it can destroy one's life and family. ''It's part of the Mediterranean diet, a diet that extends the life span. The polyphenols in red wine prevent heart disease and also slow down the ageing process. Always drink in moderation,'' Gina said on Instagram.

Gina stressed on a particular product called 'resveratrol' that is made from grapes and stated that studies have proven that it helps in gaining positive health. ''Look for a product called resveratrol made from grapes in major health food stores and research the positive health effects. It has been proven to increase life span.'' she said.

Several of her follower commended her for sharing the recipe for age-defying looks saying, ''beautiful princess. Wine is my favourite drink,'' while the other asked, ''Really, just one glass?'' Gina also replied to one of the comments saying mental health also needs to be taken care of while sipping the glass of wine and the two joined together can work wonders.

Gina has also been promoting her OnlyFans account on her Instagram handle and reports state that she earns millions by sharing her risque picture and videos for followers who want to see more of her.