Shiba Inu the Dog to Appear on Elon Musk's The Dogefather? Picture Sparks Speculation

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just shared a picture on his Twitter handle posing alongside Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson and the image also has a morphed Shiba Inu the dog at the center wearing what looks like a gold chain with a crypto dollar on the neck and captioned it, ''Guest starring ...''

The picture sparked fresh speculations that Shiba Inu will make a special appearance on Saturday Night Live's The Dogefather episode either in real or would be shown as visual graphics depicting their dialogues on the skit.

Shiba Inu Elon Musk Miley SNL Dogefather
Twitter / Elon Musk

As soon as the picture was shared online, the meme currency enthusiasts lapped it up with the belief that their favorite crypto has now got a voice and platform of its own and the imagery will catapult the price to $1 after its premier making investors sit on a trove of cash, some big and some small.

Also, just a day ago, actor and television host, David Spade tagged Elon Musk on a post on Twitter hinting that The Dogefather would be a 90 minute infomercial about Dogecoin and also said that he's buying lots of coins as he's tying the message. ''I wonder if @elonmusk on #snl will be a 90 minute infomercial for Doge coin. (Buying it as we speak).''

Surprisingly, Musk replied to the tweet in no time with 'two laughing emojis' and led to further speculations that the show might be used to promote Dogecoin in a positive light making non-investors to change their minds and opt for investing in cryptos, which would further spike the prices.

Just hours before the Saturday Night Live premier, Dogecoin touched new lifetime heights of $0.71 at the time of publishing and investors are pumped and thrilled with the prospect that it is capable of touching the $1 mark and go beyond in the coming months.

Mus has advised people not to invest their life savings in cryptocurrencies and had warned them not to go ''too far'' in the market as the blockchain technology only runs on speculations. Also the hashtag #DogeToTheMoon is going viral on Twitter and we'll have to wait and watch which way the pendulum would swing post SNL's telecast.