World's first smartphones with 12GB RAM to launch next year

Samsung and Huawei to become world's first brands to launch 12GB phones if this report is trueHuawei official website
Samsung and Huawei to become world's first brands to launch 12GB phones if this report is true Huawei official website

We've already witnessed the launch of Mi MIX 3 with whopping 10GB RAM onboard its special variant, so it's likely the trend will be followed by other competing brands. But some brands are already thinking of stepping ahead of the game by offering even higher RAM in flagship smartphones.

According to the latest report by MySmartPrice, citing an image sourced from Weibo, two flagship smartphones are expected to come with whopping 12GB RAM as early as March next year that will put today's flagships with 4GB or even 6GB RAM to shame. If you're thinking OnePlus or Xiaomi to be behind the innovation, you're wrong.

The report has reasons to believe that Samsung and Huawei will be at the forefront of this innovation. Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G and Huawei P30 Pro are the two ultra-premium flagships with 12GB RAM ready to be launched early next year.

Samsung is likely to launch multiple flagship variants, including Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10 X and Galaxy S10 X 5G. While the highest RAM configuration will be reserved for the high-end variant, the Galaxy S10 X is expected to boast 8GB RAM.

Similarly, Huawei is said to launch P30 and P30 Pro. The former variant will sport 8GB RAM, keeping 12GB RAM for the Pro variant. It is noticed with both brands that they've skipped 10GB RAM configuration for some unknown reason.

There's no way to confirm that this report is 100 percent accurate. If true, Samsung and Huawei will beat Xiaomi, which launched the world's first 10GB RAM smartphone, sooner than we thought.

While there's no word on the storage capacity of the rumoured phones, a separate report suggests Samsung will offer 128GB storage in its entry-level Galaxy S10 variant. That said, the high-end variant could easily offer 256GB or even 512GB seeing the company is willing to add 12GB onboard RAM.

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