World's first sex robot showroom offers seductive 'Test Drive' for customers

The first sex robot showroom is now opened in Austria, where customers are getting a chance to initially 'Test Drive' the seduction quotient of these dolls.

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The world's first sex robot showroom is now opened in Vienna, Austria.This exclusive silicone sex doll showroom allows customers to test the quality and seduction quotient of these human-like figures before buying it. According to the shop, customers are given a chance to feel all over their bodies and test the quality before purchasing.

The shop named 'Companion' has already emerged as an instant hit among Austrian men. As per latest updates, the shop owners are trying hard to meet the growing needs.

The new sex robot showroom has been opened just months after a sex doll brothel that was opened in the German city of Dortmund. What is astonishing is that these silicon dolls are extremely lifelike and fits quite perfectly in male fantasy.

A replacement for human partners?

The shop offers a variety of these robots pertaining to the customers' needs. As of now, sex dolls with 40 different faces and nine unique body sizes are available in the showroom. Hair, fingers, eyes, and nail can be also adjusted as per the liking of the customers.

The shop owners believe that these sex dolls are tailormade for giving immense pleasure. They also believe that these human-like figures will emerge as an ultimate replacement for flesh and blood partners. Male sex dolls are also available in the shop to meet the tastes of female customers.

Expert opinion

According to Gerti Senger, an Austrian psychologist, there are many men in the country who are more interested to sleep with sex dolls than with real women.

"First, the man can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute," said Senger, according to Dailystar.

The price for a base model sex doll begins at 1990 euros, while the most expensive one is priced at 7490 euros.