World will face chaos if aliens invade earth now, says expert

A top space scientist had previously predicted that humanity will be united if aliens invade the earth

Reptilian aliens
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Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that advanced aliens from deep space will one day invade the earth, and it could wipe out humanity from the surface of the blue planet. Now, Nick Pope, popular Ufologist and former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator has claimed that the world is not prepared for an alien invasion.

Will aliens wipe out humanity?

"If real-life aliens are regarding this Earth with envious eyes, and are drawing up plans, what are our plans to deal with them? The short answer is that there aren't any. If it came to a real-life War of the Worlds, there's no alien invasion war plan – we'll just have to wing it. Conspiracy theorists will doubtless say there is a plan, buried somewhere deep within government, but I promise there isn't. If there was, I would have been responsible for writing it," said Nick Pope, reports.

Pope who worked for the Ministry of Defense for 21 years also urged people to prepare for the worst if an advanced alien species visit the earth. He also added that humans have various strategies to look for aliens, but they literally don't know what to do if aliens are discovered.

Did aliens ever visit earth?

A few months back, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock had suggested that humans might not be the only conscious creatures in the universe. Aderin-Pocock revealed that aliens might have visited the earth during the dinosaur era. However, they soon left the planet as they have no one to communicate with.

The space scientist also made it clear that humanity will be united if aliens pose a threat to the existence of the earth.

However, SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes that humans are the only conscious beings in the universe. As per Musk, humans should use this consciousness to emerge as a multi-planetary species.

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