World War III to Daenerys' death: Top 7 predictions for 2017

2017 can also witness the collapse of Italy's Banking System triggering off a global depression

Singapore's National Day 2016: Nearly 4,000 people receive the National Day award this year
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As the world starts the New Year with a bang, many are already sceptical about the next 365 days. People say that 2016 brought with it plenty of surprises, like Brexit, Trump getting elected as the American President and Colombia Striking a Peace Deal, and are hoping that 2017 also be exciting enough.

Moreover, the previous year was marred my several deaths of beloved celebrities like George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Richard Adams and people are fearing the worse this year.

Check out seven most terrifying prediction of 2017:

Trade war between The United States and China

Though Donald Trump has been tight-lipped about his plans regarding China, expect for wishing to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, people are wondering what will happen if two superpowers get embroiled in a Trade war. None the less, if the prediction becomes true, a huge trade empire will collapse as US–China dealings are worth $600 billion. It is also said that the war will also have a tremendous impact on other neighbouring countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Apple to come up with more high-tech gadgets

Predictions regarding another empire include the three most probable gadgets that Apple might launch this year. Tech Republic wrote that Apple is likely to come up with advanced desktop computers, with faster IO speeds, more processing power and high-end video cards, Siri-powered Bluetooth speakers and MacBooks with touch screens.

Collapse of Italy's Banking System

Well, if that happens the EU will surely have a hard time as Italy is the world's eighth largest economy. Moreover, If EU, which is as a union is larger than China, falters a global depression is very likely to get triggered very fast.

Full nuclear North Korea

Another global crisis will happen if North Korea goes full nuclear. Already in 2016, the country carried out its fifth and most powerful nuclear test on 9 September. It was also reported that North Korea said that the blast was more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Moreover, the country declared it had mastered the ability to mount a warhead on a ballistic missile – a revelation that sent the entire world into a frenzy.

World War III

Yes, people are predicting that 2017 will witness a major war and it can very well turn out be World War III. It is also said that China and Russia are likely to be the key players in the war. While China and US are continuously arguing over the South China Sea issues, Russia is fuming with anger after a diplomat was shot down dead in Turkey.

GOT's Daenerys Targaryen gets killed in season 7

When we are talking about predictions how can Game of Thrones be left behind? Fans have predicted that Daenerys Targaryen, one of the prime characters played by Emilia Clarke will die after meeting Jon Snow. Given the track record of the show in killing the most unpredictable characters, this might just get true.

Daniel Craig appears in the next Bond movie

Though the actor has said that he would rather slash his wrists than appear in another Bond movie, fans have been telling that Daniel Craig is all set to appear in one more Bond movie and he will be given a gazillion pounds for it.

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